Reasons why you should choose moveable walls over conventional drywalls

In the 21st century, movable walls are more desirable compared to conventional drywall. Despite this fact, some organizations are still glued to the later version, with reasons well known to them. Below we shall discuss some reasons why companies should embrace moveable walls, the main ones being affordability in the present, and not forgetting the superb construction timelines.

Construction timelines 

The time taken to construct traditional drywalls is at least more than a month. It will require engagement with various building traders for materials, and to add on to that, you will require skilled personnel for the task. Building permits also take some time to acquire. Construction of moveable walls takes at most a month or just a few weeks while reconstruction can be done overnight or during the weekend. This aspect saves on time a great deal while directly impacting on productivity in a positive way  


Drywalls are not as easily adaptable to moment as moveable walls. It takes just as long as in their construction timelines. The need to relocate office space sections is so high that traditional drywalls will be stumbling in times of need. With moveable walls adjusting, office sections can be done in no time, and it is easily adaptable. They are also very adaptable to branding requirements, be it with corporate colors or specific requirements for a particular event. In most cases, in this 21st century, it is advisable to choose moveable walls over their counterpart for the reasons mentioned above.

Ability to repurpose 

Once the construction team is done putting up drywall, not much can be done. In any case, there is a need to repurpose you will require to bring down a section or the entire wall down. The process by itself takes a long time, and it is very costly and very hazardous due to all the noise pollution and dust all over the place. Repurposing with moveable walls, on the other hand, can just be done within no time and has zero impact on the impact on the environment and is less costly.


Moveable wall construction may be expensive than dry walls, but the idea of its affordability comes in when there is a need to reconfigure or rather repurpose. When there is a need to relocate the office, the company can move to new locations with their moveable wall, and installing them will not take much effort. They also save on utility bills by replacing artificial light with natural light.

Environmental responsibility 

Most of the moveable materials are almost 100% recyclable when they reach the end of their life span they can be remodeled for use again or to create other products. The materials used to construct drywalls are disastrous to the environment, and they require new primary resources.


Indeed looks in the business world have a great impact; they can be a tool to attract and keep clients and customers. The staff, by itself, will be highly motivated, and there will be an increase in productivity. On the other side, there is no much that drywalls have to offer though we cannot just dismiss them totally.

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